Why bitcoin enhanced?

Bitcoin Enhanced seeks to provide -

  • Better returns than Bitcoin
  • Less downside than Bitcoin
  • A store of value outside the fiat system
  • A wake up call that people, only people, create monetary value.

Why a simulated strategy?

A simulated strategy has no collateral. No collateral keeps Bitcoin Enhanced tokens, like Bitcoin, outside of the systemic and counterparty risks of the fiat system. It also lowers regulatory risk.
We are following the lead of Bitcoin as a better way to grow value.

Bitcoin Enhanced
P 2 P
No fees
No fiat systemic risk
No counterparty risk
Limited Supply
Diversify outside of the risks of the financial system with two blockchain tokens tracking a simulated long/short Bitcoin strategy.
XBE Current Price (updated every 10 minutes)
CBE Current Price (updated every 10 minutes)

BE Growth (XBE) token

BE Growth (XBE) for people who want to take the price discovery journey like Bitcoin.

4 million only

Sold at discounts to the Target Price e.g. 40k at 99% discount, 40k at 98% discount etc.

We currently sell at USD $231.94
(99% discount to Target Price - updated every 10 minutes)

BE Classic (CBE) token

BE Classic (CBE) for people who want the surety that all tokens are sold at the Target Price.

4 million only

No discounted tokens

We currently sell at USD $23,193.63
(updated every 10 minutes)

Diversify beyond the risks of the financial system

Today’s financial system is a web of dependencies where the failure of a market or bank can bring down the entire system. On 15th September 2008 it was Lehman Brothers.

Seek better returns than Bitcoin

We spent 10 years developing the Phi Algorithm that creates the Target Price by forecasting when Bitcoin prices are likely fall.

Time-Tested Methods

For hundreds of years people’s belief in the stability of gold gave stability to the financial system as currencies where tied to the metal. This expectation of gold’s value was the basis of the Gold Standard until 1972.

Know the risks - plain and simple

Like all financial products Bitcoin Enhanced tokens carry risks. However they do NOT include the risk of the financial system collapsing.

In Ourselves We Trust

Bitcoin Enhanced tokens represent a return to the basic principles of sound investing, not just with the natural harmony of the Phi Algorithm but in the way they operate. They are examples of Self-Managed Investments (SMIs):

The result is:

  • The value of tokens is not dependent upon any external authority, including us the issuer.
  • Token value is independent of what happens in the fiat financial system enabling a return to portfolio diversification.
  • Tokens and their value reside solely on the decentralised blockchain keeping them secure and away from external interference.
  • People with the most vested interest in XBE and CBE, token holders themselves, are the ones responsible for maintaining their peg to the Target price.

Compare this with a digital currency like Tether where the value of the coin depends upon redemptions into US dollars. Redemptions require the effective functioning of both the Tether company and its bankers. If Tether’s dollar assets become unavailable because of fraud, bank failure or seizure by regulators, the value of Tether’s coins could fall to zero.

Only buy Bitcoin Enhanced tokens if you are willing to trade them at the Target Price. (Applies to XBE tokens once they reach the Target Price.) It is your responsibility.