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Diversify outside of the risks of the financial system with two blockchain tokens tracking a simulated long/short Bitcoin strategy.

BE Growth (XBE)

BE Growth (XBE) for people who want to take the price discovery journey like Bitcoin.

4 million only

Sold at discounts to the Target Price e.g. 40k at 99% discount, 40k at 98% discount etc.

BE Classic (CBE)

BE Classic (CBE) for people who want the surety that all tokens are sold at the Target Price.

4 million only

No discounted tokens

Diversify beyond the risks of the financial system

Today’s financial system is a web of dependencies where the failure of a market or bank can bring down the entire system. On 15th September 2008 it was Lehman Brothers.

Seek better returns than Bitcoin

We spent 10 years developing the Phi Algorithm that creates the Target Price by forecasting when Bitcoin prices are likely fall.

Time-Tested Methods

For hundreds of years people’s belief in the stability of gold gave stability to the financial system as currencies where tied to the metal. This expectation of gold’s value was the basis of the Gold Standard until 1972.

Know the risks - plain and simple

Like all financial products Bitcoin Enhanced tokens carry risks. However they do NOT include the risk of the financial system collapsing.

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No fees - trade for USD and other fiat and crypto currenices

Avoid the on-going fees of a traditional hedge fund typically 20% performance fee plus 2% annual management fee. Pay only once when buying your tokens. Sell your tokens on the Waves exchange.

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